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Our Philosophy
At Practice101 our philosophy is simple: we want to help advisers build businesses that remain successful no matter which challenge is thrown at them. We are committed to uncover the best insights from our clients and industry trends internationally so that we can adapt and respond to your needs in a today’s shifting landscape.

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Our Values

Our Value

Practice101 is the passionate result of an ongoing vision that our team has to assist financial advisers in taking their practices and the levels of their client advice and service to new heights.

We believe we can provide you with an unbiased and cost-effective approach to creating a successful business improvement plan with clear action steps. Our solutions will help you develop an in-depth assessment of your practice, actionable reports, and what steps, if any, that may be needed to improve or develop areas identified.

Alternatively, you may find great value in fine tuning areas of your business by exploring our Insights, using our Business Tools, or registering for Creating Practice Excellence our virtual Business Improvement Program.
How We Work

We want to get to know you, and we take the time to listen so that we can better understand what you and your firm. We will examine where you are coming from, where you want to go, what is working, and what is not.

We are here to help you deliver business planning strategies and client engagement services that meet your goals.

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How we work

Johan Maree

Johann Maree

Johann has 30 years of experience working with financial advisers in practice management, professional development and compliance roles in South Africa and Australia.

He is passionate about integrating the disciplines of adviser business strategy, operational efficiency, financial planning and values-based client engagement in advice businesses. To this end Johann has trained with George Kinder and Carol Anderson, the pioneers of Life Planning in the USA and has also worked with Australian Business Training on the Psychology of Client Decision Making.

Johann has held senior management positions in Professional Development, Wealth Management and Practice Management and was also an owner/director of his own practice management consultancy for 7 years.

He has an LLB degree, is a Certified Behavioural Financial Adviser (USA), holds an Advanced Diploma in Financial Planning and a Certificate IV in Compliance and Risk Management. He has also co-authored two books on the Business of Financial Advice.

Johann enjoys cycling and fishing and conjuring up magic meals on the family BBQ over the weekend.


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