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Our website is dedicated to helping you optimize your personal and business success.

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Welcome to Practice101. It is our belief that financial advisers chose their career to make a difference in the lives of their clients and to also enjoy their own professional and financial success. We created Practice101 with one purpose – to share the actions, tools and practices advisers have used worldwide – in order that you become even better at what you do.

Practice Management

Free Assessments


When did you complete your last business review? What did you do with the result?

We have a number of free assessment tools where you will be able to review different aspects of your business. Browse through the assessments and see how you do. Your result will be available on completion of each assessment with a peer comparison.

These assessments will either give you a sense of satisfaction or help you navigate the challenges you face going forward.

Business Essentials


What will it take to thrive in the next decade?

To thrive, a financial advice business must know the difference between discussion and implementation. By incorporating business discipline, developing a plan, deploying it accurately and aligning behaviour and business decisions with goals - financial advisers can overcome the difficulties hampering their success and ensure their services offer profound value to their clients.

Creating Practice Excellence

Practice Excellence

Would you be interested in a guided roadmap that helps you make that step change in your business?

The Practice101 on-line virtual consultancy will assist you in not only improving your business but make the step change required to build a franchise ready business.

This program consists of a business building block approach covering off the eight disciplines of practice performance and culminates in a quality operational manual for your business.

Under Development!

Your Calendar


How well do you implement business improvement tasks?

View the tasks you identified in the Business Essential Tools and Assessments section. Our Practice101 calendar will show you both your identified and outstanding tasks.

We will monitor your implementation and encourage you to complete your tasks with reminders designed to accelerate action to help you improve your business and stay on top of the implementation game.

What is your client's biggest concern


Quote of the day

Quote of the day

Get your clients to understand they can do anything they want...they just can’t do everything they want. —Thayer Willis (in discussing financial independence)



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