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The Re-discovery Conversation
The chances are that you do not know your clients as well as you think. Not knowing what your clients care about and what is on their minds could be costing you in terms of lost opportunities to retain your top clients and to continue growing your business.

June 2022
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Positioning your advice business in a competitive landscape
Perfecting the message that sets you apart from your competitors is a critical component of business success. This message needs to be delivered in several different versions so that you can maximize the marketing impact of different everyday interactions. In short, you need to be ready to articulate your value whenever you are out, wherever you are and wherever you go.

May 2022
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Improving the Client Connection: Dealing with Client Stress and Anxiety
Money is emotional. Research shows that those things that we feel are important to us – family, spouse, children, parents, health, and home - influence all our financial decisions. Just so, money is an emotional issue and causes stress and anxiety which in turns impacts on our client’s overall wellness.

April 2022
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Valuing Your Financial Advice Business

There may be a few reasons why you are interested in determining a value for your advice business. Whether you feel it is time to explore new horizons, move on, retire or slow down there is a time in life when every financial adviser begins to think about the value of their business.

March 2022
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If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced all of us to hit a reset button, accelerating the need and rate of change exponentially. Every crisis presents us with an opportunity to fix what was broken.

February 2022
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Systems create business efficiencies
Systems may be defined as a" set of things working together as parts of a mechanism or interconnecting network"- Oxford Dictionary of English

January 2022
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Ten things to do in your practice this year
We know that the areas where financial advisers spend their most precious resources—time, money and energy—is where they will get the greatest results.

January 2022
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Business Continuity Planning
Financial Advisers in Australia face many unique challenges in managing and growing their financial advisory businesses. Perhaps the most overlooked of these challenges is the business continuity plan.

December 2021
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Meaning of Life. Views from 17 Advanced Economies

What do people value in life? How much of what gives people satisfaction in their lives is fundamental and shared across cultures, and how much is unique to a given society? To understand these and other issues, Pew Research Center posed an open-ended question about the meaning of life to nearly 19,000 adults across 17 advanced economies.

February 2022

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The Winds of change
Adopting client-centered technology is the new competitive advantage. Technology is becoming omnipresent in the lives of clients and advisers alike. It is playing a key role in the evolution of financial advice and wealth management and to be part of this evolution, financial advisers must change their value proposition and business model. What remains unchanged is the client need for appropriate, values and goals-based advice.

January 2022



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