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Building, growing and exciting a successful financial advisory business is more than just an ability to generate revenue and manage the business. It requires you to go beyond client care, professional competence, identify client risk, determine asset allocations, and prepare financial plan recommendations. "It is about running a business better to achieve your goals". Our services are designed to help you achieve just that.

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Technology and Engagement Questionaire

Technology and Engagement Questionnaire

Practice Assessment

Practice Assessment

First Year Budget

First Year Budget

How important is digital engagement for your advice business?

How do you rate your practice performance?

How will setting up your own AFSL impact you?
To determine how financial advisers and FinTech’s can continue building digital engagement solutions for the future and not just tools to be successful in the current market we would value your participation in this technology survey. After the survey we will provide you with a short summary on what both you and your peers believe are important from a digital perspective to better digital engagement with your clients. The financial advisory industry continues its evolution. To keep pace with developments in the industry your business needs to change and also grow.

Resisting these changes will stunt business growth and also ensure old business models become inadequate to serve the changing needs of clients.
There is a growing interest in financial advisers obtaining their own license. If you are interested in having your own AFSL it would be wise to first weigh up the pros and cons before setting out on your own. There are many responsibilities and additional costs that come with having your own license. There are also many benefits of building your own advice business.
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Couple Friendly

Couple Friendly Engagement

Finding your Focues

Finding your focus

Five minute personality evauation

Five Minute Personality Evaluation

How couple friendly is your engagement?

Are you client, investment or product focussed?

How can you understand others if you do not understand yourself first?
Almost 1 in 5 partners say that money is their greatest relationship challenge. Little wonder advising couples requires some skill. As a financial adviser you will need a good understanding of couple and family dynamics and gender differences. To remain neutral during meetings you will need to be part mediator, part facilitator and part observer. Advising couples is challenging to say the least. The question is how couple friendly is your client engagement and value proposition? According to research advice businesses who focus on client experience grow 5 times faster than those that do not. Additionally, 1 in 3 consumers say they will walk away from a brand they love after one bad experience. In a market downturn client centred financial advisers can acquire 30 times more humans under management than their investment centred colleagues! Here is a fun way to see where your focus lies. In the world of client engagement and soft skills it is essential for financial advisers to understand more about their own and others behaviours in order for them to adapt to the styles of colleagues and clients. Relating with individuals according to their unique personalities improves communication and effectiveness.
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Cost of a bad hite

Calculate the cost of a bad hire


Impact of the 80/20 rule on your business

Brochure Assessment

Brochure Assessment Tool

What is the cost of bad hire in your business?

What percentage of your clients generate most of your revenue?

How does your brochure stack up?
Bad hires mean wasted time and money. Hiring new employees can be a difficult task for financial advisers particularly as our way of work continues to change. While there is no guarantee you will avoid a poor fit, there are a number of steps you can take to reduce the chances of a bad hire. If advisers could identify the activities that generate just 80% of their results and concentrate on improving them by 3% per annum they will see their results soar.

This tool combines the 80/20 rule and the 3% differential and gives advisers an indication of what practice management can to do productivity and profitability in their practices.
A brochure is an effective and inexpensive way to provide information to your target audience. They explain what you do and why you do it. By producing an effective brochure for your advisory business, you provide your audience with a tangible document that communicates important information in a well-designed and informative package. To find out how your brochure will appeal to potential clients, why not see how it stacks up?
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Quate of the Day

Quote of the day

Your clients are your consultants. If you’re smart, they run your business. —Walt Disney World training manager Jeff Soluri



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