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Practice Management Services

Practice Management Workshops


If you have 20-50 advisers who are interested in participating in a workshop that will increase their productivity and growth, we will customize a workshop specifically for your group.

Practice Management Coaching


Our coaching offers in-depth insights on a variety of subjects. In addition to our proprietary content, our group workshops provide advisers with access to our business planning tools and practice improvement program.

Practice Management Presentations


Our presentations are inspired by powerful thought leaders and influencers in international financial services. Our presentations are grounded in research and designed to stimulate new thinking and learning among financial advisers. Contact us to hear more about our presentations.

Practice Management Virtual Consulting

Virtual Consulting

The Creating Practice Excellence Program is a targeted practice management program that will help you improve your business performance and obtain the growth you seek. It is a disciplined approach to achieving sustainable practice growth.

This program will help you improve your business in the 8 critical practice performance areas. When you fall behind or are late in implementing your action items we will send you an email, text reminder and a phone call. In this way we act as your virtual coach to ensure you and your team stick to the program and make the changes needed in your business.

Practice Management Business Optimization

Business Optimization

If your business is like most, you are striving to ensure the best outcomes for your clients, increase your operational efficiencies and grow your business – without adding cost. Your ongoing list of goals and objectives might include spending more quality time with your clients, increasing referrals, reducing administrative drains, and automating operations.

Prioritizing all the items on your list can be daunting, especially given the thoughtful attention you give to your clients while running a thriving and complex business. Discover how our assessments, tools and insights can help you manage your business and create even stronger client relationships.

Practice Management Client Surveys

Client Surveys

Marketers have long appreciated that surveys engage people. Harvard research shows that surveys appeal to a customer’s desire to be coddled and reinforces positive feelings they may have about your business and makes them more likely to purchase your services thereby enhancing loyalty and profitability.

If you have thought about doing a client survey and not yet actioned one – why not try our on-line survey tool and get your clients point of view? It may turn out to be the most profitable activity you have done this year!

Quote of the day

Quote of the day

Don’t be more precise than the subject warrants. (don’t overwhelm ’em with details)—Plato



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